To start with I invite you in for a FREE consultation and allergy test under no obligation but this gives you the chance to meet me and cover any concerns you may have. A small amount of pigment is applied just under skin, usually in hairline behind the ear, 24hrs prior to treatment, although this is inconclusive to any future allergies developing and therefore not absolutely necessary, we give you the option to waiver this test. To date I have never had anybody react to a pigment.

Procedure time consists of 2 hrs including consultation, numbing the area and treatment. On arrival I will apply a topical anaesthetic to numb the area whilst asking you to complete a treatment form including a medical questionaire.

We discuss colour and I will advise you on what will suit your skin tones, hair colour, age. We will also discuss what is best technique and shape for your face along with other factors. I draw on with cosmetic pencil a stencil and only when you are satisfied with shape and colour will I continue to perform procedure which takes 30-40 mins.

I continue to apply numbing cream keeping discomfort to a minimum, majority of my clients feel very little on first application only, if anything at all. We finish off by applying an after care jelly which I provide you with along with an after care leaflet, explaining colour will be at darkest to begin with after several days will start to flake leaving it much lighter underneath after a couple of weeks colour reappears by which time, 4 weeks, you will come for check up in which any correction work will be carried out all included in the price.
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