Who can benefit from semi permanent make up?
• For those who would just love to wake up to a beautifully natural looking made up face!
• Anybody who desires natural looking enhancements to gain confidence not having to apply make up daily.
• Ladies who have lost the natural outline of their lips.
• Anyone who may have lost most or all of brows due to over plucking.
• Those who have small eyes with fine, fair lashes.
• Busy people looking to save time in the morning applying make up.
• Anyone who suffers from allergies to conventional cosmetics.
• Active, athletic people - ideal for swimming and work outs at the gym.
• People who have lost brows and lashes due to alopecia of chemotherapy.
• Excellent for those who wear glasses/contacts.

How long does it last?
This all depends on colour, skin type, age and lifestyle. Lighter colours will fade more quickly than darker shades, as we all get older our skin becomes thinner which can have an effect and over exposure of the sun will also lift colour we recommend you use a high SPF over the areas treated. Pigments will start to fade slightly from about 6 months however noticeably from 12 - 18 months this is usually the period

When most clients have a refresh treatment charged at just 50% of current prices.

What will I look like straight after my treatment?
The colour will look at its strongest as majority of it is sitting on surface of the skin. Blanching may occur which is a white halo around the treated area not too noticeable. Swelling is more common on eyes and lips however the digital system I use and topical anaesthetic minimise swelling. As you leave the clinic it looks like you have applied in some cases heavy make up but certainly not unsightly you will not have to run and hide!

Will the treatment hurt?
I use every possible way to minimise any discomfort starting with the digital equipment I use giving a smoother application, topical anaesthetics are applied prior and during the whole procedure. Between 3 - 5 applications may be applied and it is only usually on the first one that any sensation is felt most commonly described as 'tingling' or 'slightly scratchy'.

Can I wear make up over it?
Not initially until it has healed I recommend usually to wait at least 5 days. Although it is to save on having to wear make up daily it is not to replace the entire contents of your make up bag. So if you wish to darken your eyes on a night out with more eyeliner or match a lipstick to a new dress that is fine.

Is it safe?
Micro pigmentation has been carried out for many years and the industry has proved extremely safe in the right hands of highly qualified technicians. The pigments are made up from iron oxides which are hypoallergenic natural minerals and the option of an allergy test is always available up to 24hrs prior to treatment. All needles are sterile packed single use which I dispose of correctly into a sharps box. All equipment is wiped down with appropriate solution and protective sheet covering is used on every new procedure and thrown away at the end to avoid cross contamination. I take extra measures where hygiene is concerned to provide a safe environment.

Why choose Leesa Robinson?
My aim is to provide a professional service with the upmost care and attention to make you feel totally at ease. I will not pressure you into making any quick decisions and invite you to call in to meet me and become familiar with my environment as a first step, or simply call for a chat and I will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have. I have hundreds of treatments to my name majority of which are referrals proving to me my clients always leave satisfied. Take a look at my testimonials page and see for yourself..

Any questions you may have other than the above please email or telephone me and I will reply to you as soon as possible.
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