LIPLINER - Lips that have lost shape or are irregular will benefit from this procedure aimed to provide beautiful, natural looking symmetrical lips.

LIPLINE & BLEND - For those who want more than just a natural lipline, the blend provides a subtle tint of colour washed over the lips to create fuller lips.

FULL LIP VOLUMISING BLEND - 'My personal favourite' This procedure is carried out by first creating the perfect lipline with latest techniques for minimum invasion and followed through by blending colours mixed to highlight the centre of lips creating a natural fullness, resulting in a much more youthful, volumised appearance. Just add a slick of vaseline or clear gloss to really bring your lips to life!

EYELINE - This procedure can create the most natural 'lash enhancement' effect by pigment being placed in a fine subtle way at the root of the lashes. For a slightly more 'made up' look, a thicker eyeline can be applied to save having to apply daily, an excellent time saver and for those who wear glasses/contacts, no more smudges! Latino liner is for those requiring a more 'dramatic' look by focusing on the upper outer corners giving liner an exotic flick!

BROWS - Brows have really become big news in recent years with celebrities such as Kylie and Megan Fox having the perfect arch. I have seen techniques improve dramatically which enables me to offer you the most natural look to date the 'Feathered Brow'. Beautifully arched to suit and frame each individual with the most natural looking hairstrokes no one will know they're not your own! Whether you have lost your brows to over plucking or simply want to define what you already have this treatment is for you.
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